Vanessa has been acting professionally for over 15 years, and has a busy and versatile career covering film, television, stage and voice work.  Her natural stillness and depth brings a grounding to her character work, and her professional ethic is well respected on set. Vanessa Wells is represented by Springsouth Actors Agency.


Personal highlights for Vanessa:


  • Grand National Finalist Rialto 48 Hours Film Competition (2014 and 2015) with team TBALC
  • Performing Scared Scriptless at Court Theatre - such a buzz!
  • Winner - Best Actress for "Fukushu" - Christchurch, V48Hours Film Competition (2012)
  • Working on "Hope and Wire" with Gaylene Preston 
  • Presenting "Loose Lips" with CTV 


Vanessa's CV covers a substantial amount of commercial and short film work.  


The 48 Hours Furious Filmmaking competition has been a highlight for many years (all entries must be less than 7 minutes long, and written, shot, and edited entirely within 48 hours).


Vanessa has been in five Grand National Finals films (with team Zebra Crossing, The Eh Team and TBALC).  In 2012  she won Best Actress for Christchurch. "I was thrilled - 48hrs is New Zealand's biggest film competition and is an absolute blast - although I reckon you need a little bit of crazy in you to do it!  (Fukushu also won "Sexiest Short" - a kinda nice one to win!)".



"Fukushu" - Team Zebra Crossing (2012)

"Azanti" - Team Zebra Crossing (2013) 

"Le Restaurant D'Erreurs" - The Eh Team (2014)

"The Silent Man" - Team TBALC (2015)



As an actor, it was an adventure to let go of a script and in 2005 Vanessa took the risk and has been improvising with The Court Jesters ever since.  Vanessa is regularly seen on the stage at the Court Theatre as one of the Court Jesters, performing in New Zealand's longest running comedy show - Scared Scriptless.  As a Court Jester, she is often involved in corporate entertainment and has MC'd many events and shows.


"I took an improvising course, with Ross Gumbly tutoring, at the Court Theatre in 2005.  The aim was to increase my skills, as I was then working as a drama teacher with children but I fell in love with improvising, was invited to audition for the Court Jesters, and I'm still there..."


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